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MTXC680E4GBF Full-height PCIe x16 six-output graphics card 541,00
MTXC900E4GBF Single slot/PCIe x16/ up to 9 displays or projectors 1.517,00
MTXCABDPDVIF DisplayPort to DVI cable compatible with M9138-E1024LAF /18,12
MTXCABMDPDPF Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable compatible with18,12
 M9138-E1024LAF / D2G-DP-IF / T2G-DP-IF 
MTXD2GDP2DIF Dualhead2Go SE. Dual digital (DVI-D) display support. 134,00
MTXD2GDP2DMIF DualHead2Go Mac Edition (ME). Dual digital (DVI-D) display support.134,00
MTXG55MDDAP32DSF Millenium G550 32MB DDR PCI Low Profile1xLFH-60 to 2xHD15 -111,00
 1280x1024(digital)/2048x1536+1600x1200(analog) fanle 
MTXM9120E512F M9120 512MB DDR2 PCIe x16 2xDVI-I -203,00
 1920x1200(digital)/2048x1536(analog) fanless 
MTXM9120E512LAU1F M9120Plus 512MB DDR2 PCIe x1 Low Profile 1xLFH-60 to 2xDVI-I -253,00
 1920x1200(digital)/2048x1536(analog) fanless - qu 
MTXM9120E512LPUF M9120Plus 512MB DDR2 PCIe x16 Low Profile 1xLFH-60 to 2xDVI-I -253,00
 1920x1200(digital)/2048x1536(analog) fanless - q 
MTXM9128E1024LAF M9138 1GB DDR2 PCIe x16 2xmini-DisplayPort to 2xDisplayPort -203,00
 2560x1600 fanless- DVI-D-upgradable with optional 
MTXM9138E1024LAF M9138 1GB DDR2 PCIe x16 3xmini-DisplayPort to 3xDisplayPort -304,00
 2560x1600 fanless- DVD-D-upgradable with optional 
MTXM9140E512LAF M9140 512MB DDR2 PCIe x16 Low Profile 1xKX-20 to 4xDVI-I -469,00
 1920x1200(digital)/1920x1200(analog) fanless 
MTXM9148E1024LAF M9148 1GB DDR2 PCIe x16 4xmini-DisplayPort to 4xDisplayPort /490,00
 4x DVI - 2560x1600 fanless 
MTXM9188E2048F M9188 2GB DDR2 PCIe x16 8x mini-DisplayPort to 8xDisplayPort /1.512,00
 8x DVI - 2560x1600 fanless - check system compati 
MTXMVXD5150F Maevex 5150 Decoder / Video over IP Decoder. HDMI/DVI-out.428,00
 up-to 1920x1200/1080p60 output. HDMI/analog audioout. RJ45 
 100/1000Mbps Ethernet input 
MTXMVXE5150F Maevex 5150 Encoder / Video over IP Encoder. HDMI/DVI-in. up-to779,00
 1920x1200/1080p60 input. HDMI/analog audio-in. A/V pass-thru. 
 RJ45 100/1000Mbps Ethernet 
MTXMVXED5150F Maevex 5150 Encoder/Decoder Bundle / Video over IP996,00
 Encoder/Decoder bundle. up-to 1920x1200/1080p60 HDMI/DVI 
 in/out. HDMI /analog audio-in/out. RJ45 100/1000Mbps 
 MTXQ2GDP4K QuadHead2Go Multi-Monitor Controller Appliance 960,00
 MTXRMK6BRKTA Bracket (6) Kit for RMK/VESA mount - for Q2G-DP4K 77,97
 MTXSKQ2GA Secure Cable accessory for QH2GO appliance 55,69
MTXT2GDPMIF VID :TripleHead2Go DisplayPort Edition USB Powered 1x268,00
 DisplayPort input - 3x DisplayPort output - including mini 
 DisplayPort to DisplayPort input cable 
MTXT2GDP3DIF TripleHead2Go Digital SE. Triple digital (DVI-D) display support.216,00
MTXXTO2F2208F Extio F2208 1GB memory DUAL display support 5 USB ports fully1.462,00
 integrated audio conn two DP to DVI adaptersin the box. 
 Requires separate PCIe adapter card 
MTXXTO2F2408F DP to DVI adapters Universal external 12-vold-DC 5-amp power2.149,00
 adapter Region specific power 
MTXXTO2AFESLPAF Extio Interface Card/KVM extender 340,00
MTXXTO2EXF2408F Extio F2408 Expander. Combine with Extio F2408 to add 4 more displays.2.149,00
 MTXXTO3N3208CTX Extio N3208 IP KVM transmitter card 1.264,00
 MTXXTO3N3208RX Extio N3208 IP KVM receiver appliance 1.770,00
 MTXXTO3N3208TX Extio N3208 IP KVM transmitter appliance 1.770,00
 MTXXTO3N3408CTX Extio N3408 PCIe transmitter card 1.659,00
 MTXXTO3N3408RX Extio 3 Receiver XTO3-N3408RX 2.205,00
 MTXXTO3N3408TX Extio 3 Transmitter XTO3-N3408TX 2.205,00
 MTXXTO3SFPMM Extio 3 multimode SFP optical transceiver 48,60
 MTXXTO3SFPSM Extio 3 single-mode SFP optical transceiver 54,01

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